Transferring Programmes in Wa UDS to Campuses Meet Opposition

By: Morris Banaamwine


Some residents and stakeholders in the Upper West Region have kicked vehemently against transferring some courses in the Wa Campus of the University for Development Studies (UDS) to the Tamale and Navrongo campuses ahead of making the various institutions autonomous.

The action had met various negative reactions from natives and stakeholders who regarded it as an insult and disregard for the people of the Upper West Region because no program was proposed to be brought to the Wa campus while a number of them had been earmarked to be taken out of the campus.

Section 3 of PNDC Law 279 (1992) on functions of the University states that, “the University for Development Studies UDS, shall pursue as its aims under section 2, studies in Agricultural Science, Medical and Health Sciences and Integrated Development Studies.”

The aspects of Integrated Development Studies have been ceded to the Wa campus of the University.

On July, 9 2016, committee of experts working on the conversion of the UDS campuses into autonomous universities completed their work and submitted report to government for execution.

Former President John Mahama, inaugurating the Upper West Regional Library Complex as part of his two day “accounting to the people tour” to the region, indicated that government would, by 2017 declare all three campuses of the UDS autonomous as soon as decisions were finalized.

Also President Akufo Addo, inaugurating the new of the Upper West Regional House of Chiefs in July this year, assured the chiefs and people of the region that the Wa Campus of the university would be declared autonomous before he leaves office.

As part of efforts to oppose the movement to the programmes to the Tamale and Navrongo campuses, a group, calling itself Concerned Citizens of the Upper West Region and Sympathizers of UDS Wa campus, noted that Professor Amin Alhassan was brought to the Wa campus as Principal in order to aid the university authorities to execute their agenda of taking the causes out of the campus.

“In fact, the current Principal of the Wa campus, Professor Amin Alhassan was a member of the committee that drew the realignment scheme.

Perhaps, he has been sent by his principals to Wa campus to supervise its implementation,” the group said during a press conference in Wa.

The group therefore noted that “the agreement made under PNDC law 279 (1992) where social science programmes were ceded to the Wa campus, must be kept”.

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