MOYS, Azumah Nelson congratulate Isaac Dogboe


The Ministry of Youth and Sports and Ghanaian boxing legend, Azumah Nelson, have both praised new WBC SUper Bantamweight champion, Isaac Dogboe, on his feat.

After suffering a knockdown in round one, Dogboe knocked out Jesse Magdelano in the 11th round of their title bout on Saturday night in Philadephia (early Sunday morning in Ghana) to clinch Ghana’s first major boxing title since Joseph Agbeko’s capture of the IBF Bantamweight title in 2007 and Joshua Clottey’s IBF Welterweight coronation in 2008.

In the process, Dogboe became Ghana’s youngest world boxing champion at 23 years. The previous record was held by Ike Quartey who became welterweight world champion at 24 when he defeated Crisanto Espana of Venezuela in 1994.

After the bout, the Sports Ministry and Azumah Nelson have expressed their joy at Ghana’s latest achievement in terms of global boxing.

The Sports Ministry said in statement signed by the Minister, Isaac Asiamah:

Your victory came as no surprise to us because of your focus, determination and dedication to a righteous course. Your confidence gives you strength in style. 

Having become the youngest world champion in our rich boxing history, you, just like your predecessors are indeed a role model to the youth of Ghana.

It is our hope and prayer that you will not rest until you establish yourself as one of the best, if not the best in the boxing world.

We cherish your sense of patriotism and  nationalism. 

Your heroic achievement will forever remain in our hearts.  

Thank you Isaac “Royal Storm” Dogboe. Ghana is proud of you.

Azumah Nelson’s statement read:

“I watched with excitement and pride how you demonstrated bravery, determination and resilience against an undefeated Champion Jessie Magdaleno in his country and more importantly not allowing judges to decide the outcome of the bout but letting your ferocious fists to decide.

That has always been my philosophy which I have shared with you, that is, going into the ring with your own judges and referee” a visibly happy Azumah Nelson said.

He added that “the real challenge starts from today as he has become the target of all boxers seeking this belt.

Dogboe has to train harder than he did before this fight, continue to respect his team and honour the God who made him the Champion and I promise him he will do greater things.

Ghanaians are proud of him so must work harder to make them happy”.

Azumah Nelson has said on countless occasions that Ghana does not lack boxing talents.

We need support from all stakeholders to ensure that these boxers are taken care of and the boxers also staying humble and disciplined and Dogboe has definitely shown the way.

Azumah commends the Ghana Boxing Authority particularly the President Lawyer Peter Zwennes for the support he offered the Dogboe team and urges Ghanaians to continue to pray and support the new Champion as he continues his pursuit for boxing greatness.

Welcome to the table of Ghanaian World Boxing Champions Isaac “Royal Storm” Dogboe.”

Isaac Dogboe and his team are expected back in Ghana on Tuesday.

By: Citi Sports

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