Traditional Leaders Urged to Remove Cultural Barriers to Girls Education

By: Philip Tengzu


The over Lord of the Lawra Traditional Area, Naa Puowele Karbo III has called on the traditional authorities in the country to remove all forms of cultural barriers impeding the education of girls.

He noted that the development of every nation depended on the the human resource base of that nation and regretted that negative cultural practices such as child marriage hindered the education and development girls who could contribute to national development.

The Paramount Chief made the call here on Wednesday at the 42nd Kobine Festival of the chiefs and people of the Lawra Traditional Area.

The Kobine Festival is commemorated each year by the Lawra Traditional Area to thank God and their ancestors in anticipation of a bumper harvest.

It also presents an opportunity for stakeholders in the traditional area to meet and brainstorm the development needs of the area as well as the necessary approaches to meeting those needs.

The Deputy Upper West Regional Minister, District Chief Executives in the region as well as traditional leaders within the Lawra Traditional Area and beyond among others attended the event which was on the theme : “Uniting for development of our municipality through culture and quality education”.

Naa Karbo III noted that it was high time traditional leaders took the necessary steps to ensure that all cultural practices hindering girl child education were nib in the bud.

Naa Karbo III further explained that the lack of qualified teachers in the traditional area was a contributing factor to the declined in education and appealed to the government to as a matter of urgency finalise the process of establishing a college of education in the Lawra Municipality.

On health, the paramount chief lamented that the Lawra Municipal hospital which was the major health facility in the municipality that offered the needed health-care services to the people lacked a neonatal facility to meet the growing need of neonatal health services in the municipality.

He therefore called on the government to give priority to the health-care needs of the people by providing the needed infrastructure that would propel quality health-care delivery in the municipality and the country at large.

Touching on agriculture, Naa Karbo III indicated that the traditional council had instituted bye-laws that were against negative practices such as illicit felling of trees and bush fires which affected agricultural activities in the area.

In a message on her behalf, the First Lady, Rebecca Akuffo-Addo said the Lawra Municipal Assembly had procured 44, 000 cashew seedlings and distributed to farmers in the municipality under the Planting for Export and Rural Development programme.

She said the Planting for Export and Rural Development was an initiative of the NAP government to ensure that agriculture did not remain a subsistence base but that it was a sector that created opportunity for industrialization.

Madam Akuffo-Addo also reiterated the importance of education to national development and said “no society can advance and be able to cope with the dictates of global trends without paying particular attention to culture and education”

For his part, the Member of Parliament for the Lawra Constituency, Anthony Karbo stated that he was committed to his development drive to ensure that child learned under conducive environment in the municipality.



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