Girl child education in Ghana low despite gov’t initiatives

Ibrahim Nadrata Ibrahim Nadrata Ibrahim Nadrata Ibrahim Nadrata


The government initiated the Free Senior High School policy and the Ghana School Feeding Programme to, among other things; ensure that impediments such as financial constraints do not deprive any Ghanaian child of education.

In addition, the government introduced the affirmative action to encourage female education in the country, but all these intervention seem not be yielding positive results, girl child education in the country was still low.

“The issue of the girl child education in the region is not encouraging. A lot of girls are being enrolled at the basic and that as they move forward their numbers begin to drop”, said Mr Suleiman Bipuah, the Programmes Manager for Community Development Alliance (CDA).

According to him data released by the Ghana Statistical Service in 2018 indicated that both the enrollment and completion of the boys from the primary was relatively higher than that of the girls.

He also stated that the number of girls that enrolled drastically reduced as they progressed to Junior High School and urged parents to take their ward’s education very seriously.

Madam Matilda Chireh, the Director of the Department of Children, stressed that the government was not relenting on its efforts to revert the trend but that those efforts were not enough to drastically curb the problem.

She mentioned the Free, Compulsory Basic Education (FCUBE) which the government had put in place to ensure that children were being sent to school, but said it was not enforced.

Madam Chireh thus urged parents not to neglect their children but to put in efforts to ensure that they were well educated to contribute effectively to the development of their families, societies and the nation as a whole.

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