HOLIFE supports women groups with credit facility to farm

By Radio Mak


The House of Liberation for Empowerment (HOLIFE), a women and children sensitive advocacy organisation, has given the assurance that it would support women with credit facilities if they formed groups and acquired lands for agricultural purposes.
Since 2003, HOLIFE had been supporting women who were interested in agriculture and acquired lands to farm, provided soft loan for business women, skills training for disadvantaged girls as well as sensitised women on appropriate Family Planning methods and good nutrition among others.
Madam Evelyn Dibaar, the Executive Director for HOLIFE, revealed this at a stake holder engagement to chart a favourable path for women to acquire and own lands for farming purposes.
She said women were economically productive but their lack of access to productive farm lands hindered their productivity and said HOLIFE had enabled some women groups in Wa West and Wa East Districts to acquire farm lands.
“We think that this advocacy if we handle it well with the landlords, the chiefs and then duty bearers, women will be able to access fertile lands to farm.
We believe that when women are given lands to farm and get the support to purchase fertile and get tractor to till the land they can equally support the economy of the country through their agricultural products”, Madam Evelyn explained.
She therefore encouraged women groups to acquire lands and register with the organisation to also benefit from the credit facilities and sensitisation they offered to their women groups.
They have to form themselves into groups and those groups we educate them, HOLIFE has their own way of educating our women to access our loan, so when you form group groups you register with us, that’s why we call them HOLIFE women, it’s not every group.
Dr John Akparep, BUSAC Fund Consultant emphasised the need for women to have access to productive farm lands to cultivate saying if they had equal access to farm land like men, there would be food security in the country.
He said women played a vital role in supporting their husbands to farm but they did not drive any economic from that so should be given parcels of lands to cultivate to enable them to support their families.
Dr Akparep said studies showed that women were interested in agriculture and needed fertile lands to cultivate, saying it would improve their economy, families and national development significantly.
Mr Robert Ayamga, Head of Land Valuation Division, Regional Lands Commission urged women to register lands given to them to enable them to sustain their farming activities.
He hinted that his outfit had planned to decentralise their operations to the district level but they were constrained by inadequate staff, and added that they were to embark on vigorous public sensitise on land related issues.
The advocacy meeting was organised by HOLIFE in collaboration with BUSAC Fund and attended by Chiefs, Queen Mothers, representatives from the Lands Commission and women groups from Lawra, Nandom and Lambussie.

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