Dagaaba community in STK district launches association

By Philip Tengzu


The Dagaaba community in the Sawla-Tuna-Kalba (STK) District of the Savannah Region, on Saturday launched an association to unite all Dagaabas in the district to promote their welfare and development.
The Association, dubbed “Dagaaba Youth Association” (DAYA) is also aimed to enable the Dagaaba community to contribute significantly to the advancement of the STK district and the region as a whole.
The glamorous ceremony to inaugurate the association in Tuna was characterised by the rich culture of the Dagaaba people in the area including xylophoning and dancing as well as hand-clapping.
It was hinged on the theme: “Awake for unity and social development for tomorrow” and attended by scores of people including traditional authorities in the area.
In a message on his behalf by the Tunawura, Honourable Isaac Mumuni Dramani at the event, the Bolewura, Sarfa Kotogifeso I, commended the Dagaaba community in the area for taking the initiative to be united for the development of the area.
He admonished the people in the area to coexist in peace for the betterment of the district in particular and the region at large.
“The objective of the association is not only timely, but most appropriate and welcoming.
“He has talked about unity and wellbeing of his members, peaceful coexistence, but we have only one thing in this part of the country and for that matter Savannah region and Sawla-Tuna-Kalba District.
The most important enemy that we have in the district is poverty and the only way that we can overcome poverty is through education” the Bolewura said.
He also emphasised the need for the people to take farming very seriously, and urged them to follow due process to acquire lands for the purpose of farming, especially, cashew farming.
Touching on the purpose of the association, Mr John Zoyaari, DAYA president, noted that the association was envisaged to foster unity and cohesion among the Dagaaba community in the area to enable them to contribute significantly to the development of the Savannah Region.
He also appealed to the stakeholders in the district to include Dagaaba people who qualified to benefit from social interventions such as the Livelihood Empowerment Against Poverty (LEAP) and Disability Fund.
“We Dagaabas have a lot of disabled people for which I am one. Most of these disable people live in the hinterlands and therefore my checks indicate that most of these people don’t benefit from the disability component of the District Assembly common fund.
Another issue Hon. DCE is the LEAP, for which most of the qualified people were not include. I appeal to you to use your good office to extend the LEAP benefit to our most qualified groups; mothers and father”, Mr Zoyaari said.

The DAYA President also called on the Member of Parliament (MP) of the area to put in conscious efforts to promote education among the Dagaaba people by providing financial support to disadvantage children.
Mr Zoyaari also entreated members of the association to render their maximum support to the leadership to enable them to better deliver on their mandate to propel the growth of the association.
On his part, Mr Mohammed Komoah, President of the Gonja Land Youth Association in the STK District, assured the members of the DAYA of their utmost support to help the association to grow.
The DAYA swore in its 9-member executive committee who would man the affairs of the association for the next two years.
They included Mr John Zoyaari, president, Mr John Mulnye, Vice President, Mr Kaafaa Dramani, Secretary and, Mr Blaise Zinipuo Bobordine, Vice Secretary.
The rest are Mr Charles Angdaarasaah, Organiser, Madam Faustina Dayan, Women Organiser, Madam Genevieve Dery, Deputy Women Organiser, Mr Emmanuel Yendoh, Financial Secretary and Madam Cynthia Angsoayiri, Treasurer.

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