Lands Commission urged to institute field officers

By Radio Mak


The BUSAC Fund has called on the Lands Commission to institute field officers at the community who will provide extension services on land ownership and documentation to the people at the community level.
It said some of the community members would not be able to have access to these invaluable services from the various offices due to factors including financial constrains.
Dr. Felicia Esinam Pufaa, BUSAC Fund Monitor for Upper West Region, made the call Thursday at a stakeholders meeting in Wa to drum home the need for landlords to release lands to women for farming activities.
She said women’s access to lands was a priority to them and would improve their economic status which would go a long way to positively impact their families.
“BUSAC wants to improve the work of private sector organisations and then access to lands by women is one of the key areas of our work, we want to see that women are being given the lands and then they are using it and we are seeing the positive effect on the families”, Dr. Pufaa said.
The BUSAC Fund Consultant, Dr. John Y. Akparep wondered why women in northern Ghana did not have access to productive farm lands as compared to their counterparts in the southern sector.
He said women’s access to fertile lands for farming would not only help transform their lives and their families, but would also enable them to contribute significantly to national development
“We have noticed the difficulties associated with access to productive farm lands by women in the northern part of the country and the Nadowli/Kaleo area is not an exception”, Dr. Akparep stated.
He also indicated the readiness of BUSAC Fund to support women with resources including capital to improve their farming activities if they had access to productive farm lands.
Mr. Issah Mohammed, Upper West Regional Lands Officer, entreated land owners to register their lands for specific projects, such as farming and said it would enable them to reserve their farm lands in the face of rapid development.
He also emphacised the need for land owners to be sensitised to the importance of women’s access to lands for farming purposes and urged the women not to lord over men after having the lands.
Madam Bidi Mwinyerah Samata, the Leader for the Unity and Progressive Women Farmers Cooperative Society in the Nadowli/Kaleo District, reiterated the ability of women to support their husbands in taking care of the family, particularly, the education of their wards.
She however lamented their lack of access to productive farm lands, especially, women groups and said it affected them and their families negatively.
Women farmers from the Nadowli/Kaleo District, landlords, traditional authorities as well as representative from the Department of Gender and Regional House of Chiefs atteneded the meeting which was organised by BUSAC Fubd.

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