Scientist advocates improved agrictech for sustainable agriculture

By: Philip Tengzu


An Entomologist at the Savanna Agricultural Research Institute of the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research, CSIR-SARI Dr. Jerry Nboyine has advocated the adoption of improved agricultural technology by farmers for an improved agricultural sector.
He said an improved agricultural technology would translate into sustainable agriculture as farmers would be able to reduce cost of production which culminated from monies spent on agrochemicals to control pests such as the Fall Army Worm.
In an interview Mak News in Wa on Wednesday, Dr. Nboyine noted that the adverse climate condition and its attendant high temperature resulted in an increasing rate of pest which affected crop yield.
“Rise in temperature will increase the abundance of insects within a short period of time and that will increase the cost of control by the farmer, but then too it will also increase the amount of damage that will come to the crop”, he explained.
He indicated that farmers ought to resort to improved seeds varieties that were resistant to insects such as the Fall Armyworm as well as other harmful pests to help improve the agricultural sector of the country to ensure food security and their economic status.
An Economist at the CSIR-SARI Dr. Iddrisu Yahaya also told Mak News that the adverse climate condition had negative impact on the economic status of farmers.
He observed that farmers would have to spend several thousands of Cedis to buy agrochemicals to control the increasing numbers of pest on the field.
He therefore suggested that the effects of the pest on farms could be controlled by adopting cost effective ways of controlling them – spraying their fields with neem extract.

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