A 17 member nutrition committee launched in Poyentanga

By: Phillip Tengzu


A 17 member nutrition committee launched in Poyentang
The Ghana Trade and Livelihood Coalition (GTLC) has inaugurated a 17 member committee on nutrition in Poyentanga in the Wa West District of the Upper West Region as part of activities to help solve the problem of malnutrition in the district.
The committee comprised of health workers, assembly members, traditional authorities as well as the leaders of father-to-father and mother-to-mother support groups.
Speaking at a brief ceremony to inaugurate the committee over the weekend, the Programmes Officer for GTLC, Mr. Emmanuel Wullingdool, noted that child malnutrition continued to be a public health concern in developing countries including Ghana.
He said more that 28 per cent of children under age five in Ghana were stunted and that the committee therefore became necessary in order to help fight the menace, particularly in the Poyentanga Sub-district.
“Child malnutrition continues to be a major public health problem not just in Ghana but in many developing countries.
In Ghana More than one-quarter (28%) of all children under age five are stunted-that is, they are too short for their age”, Mr. Wullingdool stated.
He indicated that the Wa West District recorded 1,266 cases of severe acute malnutrition from 2011 to 2018 with Poyentanga contributing 281 cases.
Mr. Wullingdool explained that the nutrition committee formed part of the implementation of the Voice for Change (V4C) Partnership in the Wa West District which was supported by the Netherlands Development Organisation (SNV).
This, he said, was to help increase food and nutrition security as well as to help increase the income of smallholder farmers.
“The goal of this advocacy strategy is to increase food and nutrition security and incomes of smallholder farmers, especially women.
We hope to achieve this through sustained engagement with government and the private sector to improve nutrition service delivery”, he said.
A representative from the Upper West Regional Nutrition Department, Mr. Vital Yeng, emphacised that Malnutrition was a chronic public health problem with the Upper West Region being the most affected.
He said the fight against malnutrition was greatly supported by donor agencies but lamented that the support was dwindling hence the need for more efforts to overcome it in the shortest possible time.
The Wa West District Chief Executive, Mr. Edward Larbiri Sabo, urged members of the committee to take their work seriously to support the health directorate in its fight against malnutrition.
He said a healthy population was the bedrock of development and added that there was the need for a healthy workforce for the Wa West District to develop.
Mr. Sabo therefore called for effective collaboration between the nutrition committee and the health sector actors to ensure that malnutrition in the country became a thing of the past.

Traditional authorities, Assembly Members, health workers as well as the general public who attended the ceremony commended GTLC for the bold initiative it had taken to solve the nutrition problem in the Poyentanga Su-district and the Wa West District at large.


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